look down on yourselves from the stars

This is one of my favourite poems by Szymborska (or, uh, the one I once started to learn by heart and so, I can quote quite a lot of; it's not like I have a... short list of my favourite poems by this author, not really; she has eaten too much of my brain too long ago :)):

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...Right now, it makes me think of The Fires of Pompeii ep of Doctor Who and Sherlock. XD

It seems I didn't have a "doctor who" tag until today, zomg.

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I've just finished watching Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Oh, my god. This one is joining my absolute-hands-down-total-faves list, oh yes. A beautiful movie.
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fandoming away


Lol, wtf. xD


*giggles (at a crime scene) and continues to love the fandom*

Stephen Fry is made of win, btw ~

Stephen: No, Robert Downey Jr is taking the part. I play his intelligent brother. Sherlock Holmes has a smarter brother called Mycroft, and I play Mycroft. We look very alike, that’s why I was cast. I’m the handsome version of RDJ.


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Ok, so I've heard of various acts of cruelty towards animals, but this is just... beyond imagination. I don't even want to describe it. The details are in the petition here (don't click this link, though, if you are very sensitive to this sort of thing; I'm sensitive too, but it seems I managed to grow a protective layer of skin over time, which is why I'm very sad and angry, but I'm not bawling my eyes out at the moment):


There is a Facebook comm, too:


I really, really hope these people get what they deserve.
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If someone had ever shown me this religion from the side in which the mother of god is also human who doesn't wear a robe of gold that covers her so much you can hardly see her anymore and who, instead, suffers (and is allowed to) and cannot just watch her child be tortured and slowly die, no matter how much of an honour it might be to be a mother of god - then maybe I'd have felt some connection with Christianity - or rather, that it has some connection with me - and maybe I wouldn't be pagan today.
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*śmieje się, płacze, wyje i wali głową o ścianę*

Ze strony Agnieszki: "mam dosyć oglądania polityki nienawiści, przepychanek i tego, że nasz kraj zamiast się rozwijać zwyczajnie się cofa" - no tak, jej plakat jest niezwykle postępowy.

"Będę inicjowała i wspierała programy, których celem jest wzrost aktywizacji zawodowej kobiet." W innych okolicznościach bym się ucieszyła i może nawet zagłosowała na taką kandydatkę - szczególnie, że obiecuje też zająć się wprowadzeniem etyki jako alternatywy dla religii w szkołach i edukacji seksualnej młodzieży. Ale, no cóż, jej plakat trochę zabija mój entuzjazm.