altogether susan (waeter) wrote,
altogether susan

co to do cholery ma być "blok piszącego"?

Google translate, jak mniemam. =='

If there was a parallel universe, in what ways would you want your double to differ from you?

Hoo, boy. xD

All right:

Alternate Universe #1: I'd have been sold to a circus and became an acrobate.

Alternate Universe #1: I'd have gone to ballet classes/ since early childhood.

AU #2: I'd have gone to a primary school with a linguistic profile, were it a Poland with public, profiled primary schools in the early nineties (it was a freshly post-communist one, though, and no one really thought about such frills ;)). Were it a Poland without them - well, or a different country than Poland in the first place ;) - I'd have gone to private language lessons.

AU #3: I'd have a different teacher at the art classes in the cultural centre I went to as a teenager. The one I had in this reality ...well. Was nice and, I believe, well-meaning, but couldn't really discipline us and ...sorta help us find a direction; help us evolve; prompt us to develop. I feel I achieved much less than I could in those classes. :(
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