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From here:

"Because when we find ourselves believing that killing a man makes us more of a man, but loving a man makes us less of a man, it’s probably time to reexamine our criteria for manhood."

Amen, sir.

lencten is i-cumin in

It's insane 20+ degrees around here today, so I took Frankenstein (my bicycle; it's made of parts of other bicycles) and went for a ride. I saw blooming crocuses and a lot of sunshine and all - but a cat sleeping in a bird feeder was the coolest. :D

co to do cholery ma być "blok piszącego"?

Google translate, jak mniemam. =='

If there was a parallel universe, in what ways would you want your double to differ from you?

Hoo, boy. xD

All right:

Alternate Universe #1: I'd have been sold to a circus and became an acrobate.

Alternate Universe #1: I'd have gone to ballet classes/ since early childhood.

AU #2: I'd have gone to a primary school with a linguistic profile, were it a Poland with public, profiled primary schools in the early nineties (it was a freshly post-communist one, though, and no one really thought about such frills ;)). Were it a Poland without them - well, or a different country than Poland in the first place ;) - I'd have gone to private language lessons.

AU #3: I'd have a different teacher at the art classes in the cultural centre I went to as a teenager. The one I had in this reality ...well. Was nice and, I believe, well-meaning, but couldn't really discipline us and ...sorta help us find a direction; help us evolve; prompt us to develop. I feel I achieved much less than I could in those classes. :(

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Today, my mum pulled me out from under my bed. By the legs.

We had to take our cat to the vet, for the third time this week. It being the third time this week, the cat has already a fully functioning Pavlovian reaction to the sight and sound of us putting our coats on and taking out the bag in which we put her when she goes to the vet, so, of course, she wouldn’t give up without fight.

First, she hid under the bath tub (and fifteen minutes later came out from the basement. The bathroom is upstairs. Hoshi, the original Conjuring Cat!) and there’s no way we could get her out from there, so we had to put the visit off to later.

Then she hid under my bed, and I can crawl under that bed and out easily, in normal circumstances, but not really when I have hands full of an unwilling cat. So I crawled under the bed, caught Hoshi and then, yeah, asked my mum to grab my legs and pull me out. :D I’m sure the sight was priceless, I regret there wasn’t someone else in the room to record it. xD